How do I join?

1. Choose a monthly package from our membership options.
2. Fill in the form on our membership page, so that I have all your details.
3. EFT the amount into my account using your name as reference code. Please forward the proof of payment to

Banking Details:
Mia Kempen, FNB Bank, Account number: 62334386225

4. Once proof of payment have been received, the sessions will be loaded onto the mindbody app, which you will use to book and manage your sessions.
5. If you're new to the gym, you will be added to our whatsapp group for notifications and communication.

Can I pay via credit card or the MindBody app?

At this time we are only able to process EFT payments. Please remember to forward the proof of payment. For full details of how to make payments. See 'how do I join' above.

How do I book a class?

Your sessions will be loaded on the MindBodyConnect app, after proof of payment has been received. Please allow one working day for your sessions to reflect on the MindBody connect app.

Can I cancel or move a session?

Yes, you can cancel sessions, but you may ONLY cancel or move a session to another date, should this be done 24 hours prior to the booked session otherwise you will pay for the session.

What is the MindBody Connect App & why do I need it?

Mia's class schedule is available though an app called MindBodyConnect. All clients need to download the MindBodyConnect app to book and manage their sessions. This will allow you to view your session balance and book your monthly sessions accordingly. The app will also allow you to add your booked sessions to your calendar to remind you.

What is included in the 6 weeks weight loss challenge?

- Unlimited group sessions
- Eating plan by a nutritionist
- 3 weigh ins at the studio
- Informative talk by a nutritionist

Can I join the weight loss challenge at any time or does it start on a specific date?

No, unfortunately the 6 week weight loss challenge starts on specific dates and you can not join at any time, but you can still join by booking month to month sessions. You can see more info about membership over here.

When is your the next weight loss challenge?

Weight loss challenge starting on the following dates:

30 July - 7 September

17 September - 26 October

29 October - 7 December

Where will the weigh ins take place?

For your convenience it will take place at the studio in Stellenbosch.