Stories from real women.

"Mia's training has become an integral part of my lifestyle and weekly routine since 2013. I train at the studio 4/5 days per week and couldn't imagine my life without it. The sessions are exiting, different and definitely challenging even for someone who has been doing it for a long time. I look forward to the group workouts and meeting the new members, it is a great way to feel supported and to have fun whilst training. Mia's training has provided a safe space for those who want to get fitter, stronger or lose judgement there!! Only motivation, encouragement and a whole lot of laughter. You HAVE to try it...I have become apart of the furniture and I am not planning on stopping any time soon."

Jessica Eley -


At first, I felt as if I'm in way over my head. But, as Mia always says: "Just show up". I did, and the "showing up" resulted in better confidence, in feeling strong, in making better lifestyle choices, but best of all - in friendships formed.

- Cara-Lee Nel -